This Is The Correct Way To Go On Newsmax Or Fox

Here is a nice trend piece about something we hope becomes a legitimate trend.

It is called "getting invited on a batshit rightwing network to talk about one thing, and then instead using your time to yell at the batshit right-wing network for spreading Donald Trump's Big Lie about the election."

Here is former Obama speechwriter David Litt on Newsmax yesterday. Litt was invited on to talk about "Elon Musk" and "SNL." And he did talk about those things, and all the speculative Dogecoin-buying craziness that came just before the appearance. Litt just quickly contextualized them.

LITT: People made stuff up, then said it on television like it's true, and that actually happens pretty frequently on American TV. For example, in 2020 Dominion voting system sued Newsmax over its false claims about election fraud. Newsmax was lying to its own viewers. And Newsmax had to settle that lawsuit. Actually, I just need to check in, are you still telling those lies, or are you telling new lies?

Again, this was on Newsmax. And that iswhat is going on with Newsmax and Dominion Voting Systems. Indeed, Newsmax got caught red-handed with its pants down with egg all over its face and had to admit all its Dominion coverage was bullshit. They specifically had to apologize to a Dominion employee, for painting a target on that guy's back with their conspiracy theory Big Lie garbage about Dominion.

The greasy Ken Doll anchor named "Rob Finnerty" whined, and Litt continued:

LITT: Well I can see why you don't want to talk about Dominion Voting Systems, because if you do, Newsmax could get sued and lose billions of dollars, because these are lies.

The anchor tried to say a ZING! about how Litt probably didn't even get any sleep the night before because he was preparing to misbehave on Newsmax. (Bet he slept fine.) Then the anchor tried to tell Litt to "Decide right now, in this moment, on live television" if he wants to do a nice interview about Elon Musk and "SNL" or not.

Litt did not.

LITT: Did Dominion Voting Systems have any impact on the 2020 election?

The anchor said he was really excited about this interview, but now he is disappointed, because he didn't get to have a fun interview. Then he kicked Litt off the air.

Like we said, this is hopefully a trend, because labor leader Randi Weingarten also went on Fox News yesterday and used at least part of her time to get up in Fox News's face about election "misinformation." It made Martha MacCallum pretty mad, wonder why! Weingarten also got up in MacCallum's face about vaccine misinformation and disinformation and challenged Fox to actually fucking do something about it. (Perhaps this is the sort of vaccine misinformation Weingarten was referring to.)

Both videos are in this thread:

Wonkette is available to do this any time. We can talk about "cryptocurrencies" or "recipes" or whatever Newsmax wants to talk about.

Really, just whatever, we're experts about pretty much everything.

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