This Is The Future Republicans Want: MAGA Brats Mock Native American Drummer, Just To Be Assholes.

This Is The Future Republicans Want: MAGA Brats Mock Native American Drummer, Just To Be Assholes.

Throughout the Trump presidency, things have gone really downhill politically and legally. But what's almost scarier than that is the way things have gone downhill socially. I'm not talking about "division" -- if people are terrible it is not a bad thing to be "divided" from them. I'm talking about people just thinking it's totally fine to be huge assholes. I'm talking about kids looking at this smug ass President and going "Yeah, this is a great way to be." Because how do you fix that?

During the March for Forced Birth in Washington yesterday, some high school students from Covington Catholic, an all boys school in Park Hills, Kentucky, decided to take a break from demanding that women lose their reproductive rights in order to harass Native American drummer/singer and Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips of the Omaha Tribe and others participating in the Indigenous People's March simultaneously going on that day. It is, hands down, one of the creepiest goddamned things I've ever seen in my life.

One student just stood extremely close to Phillips, smirking at him, while the other darlings chanted "Build the wall!" and "Gone in 2020" while otherwise screaming like yahoos.

The school's motto is "Educating Young Men Spiritually, Academically, Physically and Socially." Note that they do not specify how, exactly, they do this. Perhaps they have full-on classes on how to be a smarmy, repulsive assholes. Perhaps their school song is "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" from Cabaret. Given that such a large contingent of the school seems to think this is acceptable behavior, something is clearly up.

Covington Catholic, by the way, does not appear to be a Jesuit school, which is not surprising as I really do not see this kind of behavior going over too well at one of those, en masse. I have to say -- while I certainly disagree with Catholic teachings on a lot of things, every guy I've ever met who went to an all-boys Jesuit school has been extraordinarily kind and smart (and, usually, by the time I meet them, an atheist), so they do something right as far as that shit is concerned. This school though. Whew.

Let's get a close-up, shall we?

I will be seeing this sociopath's face in my nightmares. But I hope the video gets shown constantly. I hope whoever ends up running against Trump uses it in their campaign ads. Because people need to see what he is turning their children into.

The school has since locked down their Twitter account, which is a damned cowardly thing to do in a situation like this. If they had any kind of integrity they'd keep it open, apologize for the behavior of their students, and expel every damn one of them. But I guess a school that produces kids who think this is an acceptable way to act isn't too big on integrity.

UPDATE: Here is Phillips' response video response to the students.

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