This Is Why Obama Must Never Go On Vacation

  • A man with a giant restaurant sign for a head shook hands with President Obama in Oak Bluffs yesterday. What a lucky man! [New York Daily News]
  • Our ten-year projected deficit is so large that the human mind cannot grasp it, any more than it can grasp the concept of "God." [New York Times]
  • The Afghan election looks like it's going to be a squeaker, with the incumbent coming out just barely ahead of his challenger amid widespread allegations of vote fraud. They've learned so much about Western-style democracy in so little time! [Al Jazeera]
  • If only Toyota made cars that people wanted to drive, then it would not be in this dire financial situation. [Bloomberg]
  • Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy. [Washington Post]
  • Michael Jackson's significantly less famous brothers will harness the excitement surrounding the late pop singer's untimely demise and try to ride it into basic cable fame, an attempt that will undoubtedly fail, but hey POINTS FOR CRASSNESS. [BBC News]

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