This Is Your Atlas on Gipperporn

Surprise SurpriseSurprisingly, even the right has problems with re-naming 16th Street "Ronald Reagan Boulevard," over at The Corner Mark Krikorian called it "statism at its worst" and John Podhoretz opined that it "would embarrass Reagan himself," all arguments that should please the 100 percent or so of Washingtonians who are Democrats. More than one cabbie of ours has insisted that our actual destination was National Airport; forced to drive on Reagan Boulevard, we imagine they'd be finding some creative alternative routes.

Personally, we're all for naming a street after Reagan, but would prefer they re-christen 17th Street, Dupont Circle's main thoroughfare for Cosmopolitian- (and otherwise-) soaked gays and home to the annual High-Heel Drag Race. For some reason, we like the idea of burly drag queens going down Reagan's boulevard. You think it'd be first time?

Are you racing? The Voice goes drag! [Georgetown Voice]

Congress Considers Renaming 16th St. In Northwest [AP/]


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