This Is Your Official Thread For Mocking Trump's Tulsa Coronarally!


Oh boy, it's finally here. The Trump rally in Tulsa. So far, six members of Trump's campaign staff who went ahead to set up in Tulsa have come down with COVID-19, in case you're wondering how that's going.

Rather than have a bunch of stuff about the rally gunk up the open thread, we figured we'd put up ANOTHER open thread, but this time just for talking about his dumb rally and how terrible it is. So that's what this is. We're not gonna go so far as to put up a live stream, but we will put up a bunch of videos of Trumpists saying very stupid things, for your entertainment.

There are not really words to describe this guy, other than HOO BOY.

This guy is like "Sure, my friend died from COVID-19 and his kid almost died BUT ALSO MAYBE THE LIBERALS ARE LYING ABOUT SOMETHING, SO NO MASKS!"

Honestly I'm sorry to do this to you all.


Anyway, there you go! Talk away!

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Robyn Pennacchia

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