This Is Your OFFICIAL Wonkette Women's March Weekend Livebloog And Thread!

This Is Your OFFICIAL Wonkette Women's March Weekend Livebloog And Thread!

Hello and welcome to your official Wonkette Women's March (and adjacent marches!) live bloog and open thread type thing! Unlike last year, we've got a whole weekend full of marches, with some marches happening today (like in Chicago! I am not there, because someone's gotta (wo)man the ship here, but Dom will be!) and some marches happening tomorrow (like the big one in Vegas!).

Across the United States and the world, women, men and others are protesting against the racist, xenophobic, sexist garbage fire that is Donald Trump and his entire administration in a glorious show of solidarity and clever signage.

We'll be adding pics, tweets and updates here throughout the weekend -- so if you happen to attend one and take some really good photos, send them to me at, or just leave them in the comments! If you're not sure where your march is, click here and they oughta tell you!


We all had a great time last year, and this one should be just as awesome! YAY WOMEN!

1:30 These are just some really good signs!


This is so cute! From Wonkette Operative Heidi in Milwaukee.

And my friends down at the Chicago march have sent some great pics as well!

And our douchebag "president" tweeted something douchey. Surprise!

Dom is taking over so Robyn can get a break!

Initial reports are coming in from cities across the country. Chicago's organizers estimate 300,000, a surprising increase over last years march considering organizers had put out a call for support just a few weeks ago. Officials in LA are estimating around 350,000, although organizers are claiming WAY more than that. Similar scenes unfolded on the East Coast, with both New York and DC giving preliminary estimates in the hundreds of thousands. Good job, everyone.

OK, enough boring news, here's some of my pretty pictures from the Chicago march!

And here's some pictures from Editrix marching out in Missoula, MT!

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