This Is Your South Carolina Primary Semi-Live Blog And Open Thread!

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This Is Your South Carolina Primary Semi-Live Blog And Open Thread!

Today is the day of the South Carolina primary! Maybe you are excited about it because you are hoping it will mean a comeback for Joe Biden! Maybe you're really hoping Tom Steyer takes it! Maybe you are happy about it because it means we are now close to being done with this primary! Maybe you are just feeling exhausted and, at this point, mostly just here for the snarking on cable news personalities.

However you feel, even if you're at the end of your rope at this point, it's definitely an important day and a very important primary. So! Even though there is a Twin Peaks watch party happening at my apartment today, I am going to hang here for a while to drop the occasional updates and say hello, and you can all open thread away!

While we're waiting, let's take a look at some other stuff going around the internet today, hmm?

Like this video of Tom Steyer and his family and also Juvenile singing and dancing to "Back That Azz Up."

And this incredible BREAKING NEWS from the "former D.C. bureau chief for Investor's Business Daily" revealing that Bernie Sanders is practically everyone I ever spoke to in my teens and twenties and probably most people I know now.

I can't stop giggling about it. How incredibly square do you have to be in order to see that and go "OOH! Scandalous!" What is next? Did he not shut up about Infinite Jest for like a year after he read it? Does he only like a particular band's first album, from before they sold out? Did he go through a phase wherein he was way into the work of Charles Bukowski? Did he talk a lot about how he wanted to move to Paris because Henry Miller? So many possible scandals!

Anyway, some dude at proposed to his girlfriend at CPAC, asking her to "make marriage great again" after meeting her there two years ago when she was 18 and he was 30. It's terrible on SO MANY LEVELS!

And now this is your open thread! I'll update occasionally as info comes in! Best of luck to everyone!

UPDATE 7:10 EST: OK! Thought this might have been more interesting, but the polls just closed a hot minute ago and Joe Biden has already been declared the winner because exit polling. That was fairly anti-climactic, but congratulations Biden fans!

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