This Omarosa Bullshit Might Be Getting Somewhere!

It's still Omarosa week! Aren't you glad it's still Omarosa week and that we still get to talk about Omarosa a lot more????


OK, us neither. There are a couple things we need to point out though. One is that the Trump campaign's lawsuit against Omarosa for breaking the terms of an unenforceable nondisclosure agreement is HORSESHIT. We'll lawsplain that at you later today. Another is that it really is super fucked up, and entirely expected, that Trump called Omarosa a "dog." He probably wanted to call her a bitch and thinks he behaved himself by using the word "dog." Sarah Huckabee Sanders cannot guarantee we will never hear the president on tape using the N-word, because she absolutely knows it almost 100% certainly happened.

Those are some things about our current Week Of Omarosa.

But wait, here's another thing!

Omarosa Manigault Newman got on the TV on Tuesday and just casually dropped to MSNBC's Katy Tur that Trump totally knew during the 2016 campaign that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton's emails before WikiLeaks started releasing them. WHAT? WHOA IF TRUE! And we don't know if it's true or not because Omarosa is often full of shit, but if she's not saying fibs, then DAMN!

"Absolutely," he knew, says Omarosa. He knew about the emails before WikiLeaks released them? "Yes," said Omarosa.

And there are a lot of reasons to believe she might be right, from the Trump Tower meeting to Roger Stone's collusion with WikiLeaks, a known Russian intelligence front.

But we must here emphasize that we need TAPES, OMAROSA, TAPES! What she says with her face mouth, just like what Donald Trump and everybody in the Trump administration (past, present and future) says with their face mouths, is always going to be in question, because these people are liars. Is there any chance Omarosa brought her secret agent spy pen into the room while Trump was talking about how WikiLeaks (or as he pronounces it, WICK-Y-LICKS, because he has a shitty brain and he's bad at speaking) hacked the HIllary Clinton campaign? Was he so excited for them to release the emails? Did he have specific inside knowledge beyond whatever Julian Assange was saying in public? Because if so, he's a co-conspirator.

Does Omarosa have any LORDY THERE ARE SOME TAPES about that?

Any chance she pressed "record" on her Obamaphone when he was talking about why he asked Russia to hack into Hillary's emails on July 27, 2016, which just so happened to lead to Russia trying to target the Hillary campaign directly that very night? "Russia, if you're listening!" More like "OMAROSA, IF YOU'RE RECORDING," if you ask us!

She tape any of those goddamned Russians in Trump Tower? We are just curious!

Omarosa told Katy Tur, and also told Chris Matthews on "Hardball," that she's talked to Robert Mueller's investigators and is totally willing to cooperate if they need her more. We think that's just great, because we really need to get to the bottom of the question, "What did Trump know, AND WHEN DID OMAROSA TAPE IT?" Also the thing about when he knew it, etc.

In summary and in conclusion, we need less talking from Omarosa and MORE TAPES.

Also, we are not buying her fucking book.

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