This Particular Postcard Came from an Undisclosed Location

The editors at Newsweek, always known for their ability to break a story and shape culture as they see fit, have once again deigned to show us -- the internet-using populace -- what matters in the online universe.

Confessional postcards! Reporter Jessica Bennett covers the phenomenon of PostSecret, a gallery compendium of user-submitted postcards that anonymously convey a series of abstract, personal secrets. Job secrets, love-affair secrets, and, occasionally, state secrets. And some seem to cover all these bases and more.

Included below is our personal favorite, which purportedly hails from "an undisclosed location" but was mysteriously signed, "D.C." Is that District of Columbia, or Dick Cheney?

Only Cupid knows, but, fuck if this isn't the most timely mailing ever?


(If you actually started scouring the PostSecret website looking for the original postcard depicted above, you're probably questioning its authenticity by now. Which, sadly, means you're more qualified to work for the State Department than anyone currently in their employ.)


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