This Picture Of Donald Trump And Bill Cosby Riding A Lion Says It All

Where is your God now, liberals?

We have no earthly idea what this image is supposed to mean. We found it Tuesday in the replies to Fox & Friends' tweet about their weird shouty discussion panel on why Donald Trump is the bestest/worstest candidate ever. It's the work of one Dave White, who is definitely not a fan of liberals, socialists, Barack Obama, or the enemies of America. But this work here, this just might be the greatest internet image since Ronald Reagan rode a velociraptor.

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The bulk of Mr. White's work is far less... shall we say... subtle in its meaning. Consider this example, a "monument" to Michael Brown:

Or this piquant commentary on the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges (576 U.S., 2015):

Or this very salient comment on the need to take America's war on Islam seriously:

But this thing with Donald Trump (in what appears to be a police uniform), waving a Confederate flag while riding a lion with Bill Cosby? This, art patrons, is truly a puzzle. What does it say? What is its satiric target? Yes, it has all sorts of recent news items in it, but what are we to make of it, as a whole? Is this a commentary on media overload? A scathing critique of the shallowness of news coverage or social media? A heartfelt call for a return to real American values? Or possibly a harbinger of The Apocalypse?

Also, we must add, lest anyone worry: No artist could ever take Great American Artist Jon McNaughton's place in our heart, no matter how many incoherent current events they cram into a single picture.

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We have no idea. But we think we may have found the greatest example of American Vernacular Naïve Art ever created in the first week of August 2015.

We invite your thoughts in the comments, which are not allowed. While this is not a contest -- we wouldn't dare cheapen such an achievement with such picayune pursuits -- we do invite you to load your own variations on the theme in the comments as well (see, NOW you like Disqus!).

Doktor Zoom

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