New York Young Republicans Hold Big Swinging Bug-Chasing Party For Freedom

New York Young Republicans Hold Big Swinging Bug-Chasing Party For Freedom

Ted Bundy, a member of his college Young Republicans club, killed at least 36 women. Last night, one day after the coronavirus killed 3100 Americans in a single day, the New York Young Republicans Club made an attempt to beat that record by holding an in-person gala/superspreader event in the middle of a freaking pandemic. To give you an idea of how obviously stupid this is, Sarah Palin is the smartest person in this entire situation and it's not even Moose Jeopardy. Palin was set to be a keynote speaker at the gala, but canceled because of how there is a freaking pandemic.

She was replaced by Matt Gaetz, whom I am not entirely convinced is not a Funko Pop! doll who was granted a wish to become a real boy.

The event took place not in New York but rather in New Jersey, at the Maritime Parc in Liberty State Park in Jersey City. In New Jersey, while in-person events with more than 10 people are banned, exceptions are made for "religious and political activities protected under the First Amendment," allowing for 150 people or 25 percent occupancy of a space.

As you can see from the picture above, attendees were not nearly as concerned about coronavirus safety protocols as they were about making Matt Gaetz look taller than he actually is. While there is nothing wrong with being 5'7", there is something odd about taking a picture in which practically everyone but you is full-on squatting. There is also something wrong with the fact that Gaetz flew in from Florida and didn't know he would be headlining the event until this week, meaning that he almost definitely did not observe the two week quarantine required of everyone who travels from Florida to New Jersey.

The event was organized by Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republicans Club, who has spent the morning totally triggering all of the libs by posting pictures and videos of the Young Republicans at the gala, several of whom did appear to be over 70 years old and therefore at a greater risk of dying from COVID-19.

Surely these pictures and videos will "trigger" us more when we find out just how many people contracted and died of COVID-19 because of this event. Because of how we are not sociopaths. Of course, the higher those numbers are, the more Wax and friends will feel as though they truly "owned" all of the libs. Because of how they actually are sociopaths.

Prior to the event, Wax assured New York Times reporters that the club would be following safety protocols, which they obviously did not do.

Mr. Wax declined to be interviewed by phone. But in a series of text messages, Twitter direct messages, tweets and emails, he insisted that the club was following virus protocols and that Democrats were hypocritically trying to shut down the party, even as they themselves took part in seemingly ill-advised indoor events.

"As it stands now we are legally within our right to hold this gala, following all the necessary precautions," Mr. Wax said. "Other events have gone on indoors, ours is only receiving attention because we are a Young Republican club."

This is true. Other events have gone on indoors. And all of those events have been criticized. Cardi B had a large get-together for Thanksgiving β€” with her own family, all of whom had been tested beforehand β€” but she, at least, had the class to apologize for it.

Also speaking at the gala was James O'Keefe of Project Veritas, who tragically was not wearing his pimp outfit.

When The New York Times reached out to O'Keefe for comment prior to the event, they were at first told "no comment." O'Keefe then called the reporter back and offered him the thrilling chance to do real journalism by spying on executive editor Dean Baquet and getting him to say something that would sound bad out of context, for Project Veritas. Shockingly, the reporter declined.

Last week, there were a whole lot of people out there who were really sad that they couldn't be with their families on Thanksgiving. It was a sacrifice they made so that this virus wouldn't spread. For these creeps to care so little about other people's lives that they would throw and attend a stupid boring gala is an absolute a slap in the face to everyone who has sacrificed anything this year. If there were any justice in the world, there would be some kind of rule forbidding people like this from taking up a hospital bed if they contract COVID after such an event. Unfortunately there is not.

But odds are, they'll get theirs eventually, as it's rare to be able to go through life being that big of an asshole without things ever backfiring.

[The New York Times]

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