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Dammit I keep forgetting to credit Martini Ambassador!

Gunfuckers are behind a whole bunch of the astroturfed quarantine protests. Good story by Washington Post.

More on the Tea Party's fake roots becoming the "excessive quarantine" protests' fake roots, plus more on those gunfuckers, by Will Bunch at the Inquirer.

And of course those gunfuckers are unbearably stupid: "Go to China if you want communism," the protesters tell ... nurses. (WaPo)

On Trump and Pence seizing states' and hospitals' PPE. — New York mag

One of you sent me this million word long post by a ... finance guy? ... on risk and complex systems and coronavirus and it's pretty interesting, thank you! (The Automatic Earth)

Dems impeachment counsel Barry Berke all like "what is a recidivist? It Donald Trump." — New York Times

If my mom's grocery store in Shawnee, owned by the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, could go to online ordering and curbside delivery a month ago, in Oklahoma, your grocery store can do it too. (CNN)

Anybody remember when I said I thought the Paycheck Protection Program would end up being just fine? I may have been mistaken. — Washington Post

Coronavirus is killing all the newspapers except Wonkette. We will be kind of screwed if we don't have news gatherers' news to yell at :/ (LA Times)

What doesn't kill people is giving them brain injuries similar to car crashes, PTSD, and the inability to walk. (Daily Beast)

Farmers are getting some USDA CARES Act money, as are food banks. USDA will also reroute excess produce that isn't getting sold to restaurants, hotels, and schools. I hope this is less clusterfuckety. — Food and Wine

Wil Wheaton at Daily Kos:

America had come together, setting aside all of our own wants and needs, to engage in the single greatest act of human kindness in history. We all stayed home, at great expense and inconvenience, so the most vulnerable among us wouldn't die a preventable death.

And then what happened, Wil Wheaton???


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