This Self-Selected Release Of White House Visitors' Log Is Very Transparent!


The White House released its visitors' log, which was somethingpeople cared about whenever everyone was earnest about Transparency like a few months ago. Obama released 481 names—which is actually only a selection of all the visitors—but the list is like the Oscars Red Carpet + a visitors' log from a prison in the 70s + a random list of names X 100! Names after the jump: Nobodies will be briefly glossed, while status-y names will written in bold, for such is their wont.

Oprah Winfrey

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Andy Stern head Service Employees International Union, participant in literally zero Oceans Films

Serena Williams

George Soros

Denzel Washington

"Billy Clinton," William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, all of whom the White House is claiming are just homophonic/homonymic impostors decoys

Maurice Greenberg

Jesse Jackson

[Times Online]


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