GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Pretty Sure It’s Very Ethical And Cool To Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Credentials

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GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Pretty Sure It’s Very Ethical And Cool To Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Credentials

Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massie is a big whiny brat when it comes to COVID-19. He's whined about masks and he's whined about vaccine mandates. This summer, he compared vaccine passports to the Holocaust like a common Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now, he's urging passive resistance against the mandates in the form of deliberate fraud.

Friday, Massie, a professional lawmaker, tweeted the following “hypothetical."



I believe if a person were to find a vaccine provider who would fake the administration of the vaccine, this would be an ethical form of non-compliance for both the provider and the receiver, legality notwithstanding.

It would also be hard to prove this happened

It's hardly ethical to gain admission into a space under false pretenses. This isn't the same as using a fake ID to get into a bar. You're jeopardizing the health of other people, who think they've made the safe choice to avoid unvaccinated dullards.

Massie went on to say:

You'd have to be a fool to think this isn't happening, hasn't already happened thousands of times already, and won't happen with increased frequency as the mandates affect more people.

No, we all assume crime exists. What's alarming is that a sitting member of Congress is promoting this kind of behavior. Massie sounds like your sketchy neighbor from the 1990s who tried to justify stealing cable.

A disturbing fact is that some vaccine scofflaws are doctoring vaccine credentials. However, it's not been that hard to prove it's happened. A New Jersey woman known on Instagram as “AntiVaxMomma" sold several hundred fake COVID-19 vaccine cards to vaccine resisters who had $200 to spare. This reportedly included people working in nursing homes and hospitals.

Police arrested Chloe Mrozak from Illinois after learning she flew to Hawaii on August 23 with a fake vaccination card. She reportedly wanted to avoid the mandatory 10-day quarantine for unvaccinated travelers. The criminal mastermind's scheme was foiled when authorities noticed that the handwritten card claimed Mrozak had received two doses of “Maderna" instead of Moderna. Designer imposter vaccines aren't acceptable substitutes.

Massie would have us believe these women are modern-day Rosa Parkses, but they are just dumbasses. Like most Republicans, Massie has vented about antifa and the impact of riots and looting in America's cities. He smeared Louisville, Kentucky, residents protesting the police killing of Breonna Taylor as mostly "violent looters and and lawless criminals at this point" who couldn't articulate their goals. The protesters simply wanted cops not to burst into a sleeping woman's home and kill her. It's not a tremendous ask.

What vaccine scofflaws want is equally clear, we guess, but it's just sociopathic: they want to function in society the same as vaccinated people but without the apparent burden of taking a free and safe vaccine. They want choice without consequences, even if their defiance endangers the health of others.

Monday, the National Hockey League suspended San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane for 21 games because he submitted a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. The NHL has strict protocols for unvaccinated players, which Kane presumably found inconvenient:

In addition to the possibility of suspension, which is up to the prospective teams, unvaccinated players are required to quarantine for a week before training camps and must submit to COVID-19 testing on a daily basis, according to ESPN. What they can do during away games is also extremely limited: unvaccinated players are not allowed to go anywhere aside from the team's hotel, the training facilities, and the arena where the game is being held, and they're also barred from having visitors in their rooms, the outlet reports.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman boasted last week that only four players were unvaccinated out of the 700 participating in the 2021-2022 NHL season. That's technically now up to five, but Kane won't play again until at least November 30. This will also cost him $1.68 million of his $7 million salary for the season.

Before Massie starts getting any ideas, Kane isn't a conscientious objector like Muhammad Ali. He's just a selfish jerk, which is admittedly the ideal Republican constituency.


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