Thompson To Save Economy With 'Law & Order' Joke

thompsonecon.jpgFred Thompson was asked today what he would do with the economy. Instead of making a real answer, he said something about Law & Order on TNT. When pressed for a real answer, he said economic stimulus plans sound "boring." Oh shucksy humdinger, that ole Dipshit McGoo sure knows how to tickle the underbelly. He can get away with such things, however, given his reputation as the smartest, least lazy presidential candidate in American history.

I nominate the AP for president:

Thompson was answering questions in a restaurant where Bernanke could be seen on a TV urging short-term relief to avert a recession. Thompson was asked what he would do.

"You could probably get a 'Law & Order' rerun on TNT there if you wanted to switch that around a little bit," quipped Thompson, who acted on the series. When the host reminded him Bernanke is a South Carolina native, Thompson joked: "That looks a little boring to me. I don't care."

More seriously, he said he was not ready to embrace a stimulus package.

Interesting how saying possible recession-aversion plans look "boring," as a strategy, makes him more appealing among poor white Southerners. Economics are for the rich fetus libbrals. Now watch me hit this drive.

Thompson Would Wait on Economic Stimulus [AP/Google]


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