Those Gates & Clinton Cabinet Appointments Everybody Knew About Are Now Official!


Several years ago, Hillary Clinton's shadowy cabal whispered to every known news agency that she, Hillary Clinton, would be secretary of state for Obama, making her the first white lady to be secretary of state in eight years! This historical appointment was almost ruined by Hillary's terrible "husband," who did not want to reveal the names of donors to his special foundation dedicated to flying Bill around on a jet full of booze and broads.

But now Bill has turned over the list of names -- including Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler and Dick Cheney -- and Hillary can be the "SecState." Hooray.

Also, that dude everybody knew was going to stay on as Obama's token old white Republican Texan, Robert Gates, is staying on as Obama's token old white Republican Texan. People at the Daily Kos or whatever are probably outraged about all of this!

Also Eric Holder is officially the designated Attorney General, making him the first African-American who pardoned Marc Rich to hold this important Department of Justice role.

Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates on Obama national security team [LA Times]


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