Those Were Some of the Most Humid Days of My Life / Back In the Terrible Summer of '09


  • Summer. It's over, and not even Bryan Adams can make it sound sexy (you might have bought that six-string at the five-and-dime, but MJ is fucking dead). Anyway, an intern needs your help. Last night he smoked a marijuana cigarette. Will John Ensign ask him to pee in a Dixie cup? True or False? [Spotted: DC Summer Interns]

  • The Metro would be safe and secure, if it weren't for those meddling kids .... [Washington Examiner]

  • Remember that tremendous asshole, James Von Brunn? Yeah, well, he finally recovered from the shotgun wounds that should have killed him -- drank lots of fluids! -- and went in front of a judge. And the things he said! [DCist]

  • This perv huffs panties like they're rags marinated in ether. [Holla Back DC]

  • "Can you hear me now? You can? Dude, that's crazy, because I'm in prison." [Washington Times]


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