Hooker not picturedIf there's one thing Democrats have learned from this whole Spitzer mess, it's that the public has no patience for public figures who overspend on hookers. That's why Tom Athans, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow's husband and the cofounder of a liberal radio station, deserves a hearty pat on the back for spending less on a hooker than he would have spent on a nice dinner with his wife.

In late February, Athans was pulled over by police near -- and we are not joking here -- the town of a road called Big Beaver, and he eventually confessed that he'd just been visiting a prostitute.

The police had staked out a number of local hotels in connection with an online hooker deal called backdoor.com. Athans visited one of these hotels, and was seen by police leaving a gentlemanly 15 minutes after going inside.

The young lady he met with was just 20 years old and said she had only been hooking for a week.

Athans is the former head of programming at Air America and the founder of Talk USA Radio, another radio network for the type of angry liberals who still think Janeane Garofalo is funny.

UPDATE UPDATE!!! On-the-ground Wonkette operatives inform us that Big Beaver is a road, not a town, as evidenced by this photo. Note the exit number.

Massive, massive beaver.

Report: Stabenow's husband paid prostitute in hotel sting [Detroit Free Press]


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