Thursdays with Tina: Remembrances of Things Past Edition

We skipped Translating Tina Brown last week (something about a African intern? John Perry?). With apologies, we present this week's only slightly irregular feature:

Tina-speakWhat it means
As the HBO hit "Sex and the City" builds to its four-handkerchief finale Sunday after six estrogen-soaked seasons. . . Note to self: Find enough estrogen to soak four handkerchieves in.

I admit my interest flagged for a while after 9/11, around the time the fab four took to roaming the city's bars picking up sailors and firefighters.

That's what Fleet Week is for.
I'm persuaded that the show made a smart move in basically ignoring our psychic and economic turmoil.I recently had to let my butler go.
Ron Galotti, the former president of Vogue and my dashing erstwhile partner at Talk magazine. . . You remember Talk, don't you? I quit the New Yorker to do it? There was a big party?
[He] may have seen his job vanish in the post-9/11 advertising recession, but the expense account of his TV alter ego remained reassuringly intact. Do you think his TV alter ego might finance a TV Talk? (My old magazine.)
During the sex scenes I cover [my 13-year-old daughter's] innocent eyes with a copy of Us magazine.Just kidding! It's a copy of Talk. (My old magazine.)

In last Sunday's episode, when Kim Cattrall's man-eating Samantha whipped off her wig after a post-chemo hot flash at a tony breast cancer fundraising dinner, it was a moment of liberation far more thrilling than all her high-end humping in Styles of the Times apartments. That said, I do find high-end humping in Style of the Times apartments quite liberating.
The East Side Manhattan restaurant Michael's is always crammed at lunchtime. . . Or that's what they tell me.
. . . with getting-up-there anchorwomen, sexily mature publishing babes and much-hotter-than-they-used-to-be public relations divas lunching all together at big, cackling roundtables.Cackling tables! Run away!
At these die-hard tables. . . It is futile to try to kill the laughing tables.

Girls' Night Out: The True Joy of 'Sex' [WP]


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