Tim Allen, Richard Spencer, And Nazis In The News! (No, Not Steve Bannon. This Time.)

It's a lot like Hollywood. Note the stars, for instance.

We've got some real winners to kick off your Open Thread today! First up, Tim Allen, who was briefly funny in the early 1990s but has somehow had an acting career ever since, explained to Jimmy Kimmel that it's a harsh ol' world out there for conservatives in Hollywood these days. After "confessing" he'd attended Donald Trump's inauguration, Allen quickly said he'd attended one of the inaugural balls to Support the Vets -- Republicans AND Democrats, and added,

You gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. It's like ’30s Germany. If you're not part of the group -- "You know what we believe is right..." Well, I might have a problem with it.

When Allen returned home, he found that the government had not encouraged a mob to throw bricks through the windows of his home and that his place of worship had not been burned to the ground. He is not barred from practicing his profession, won't be forced to live in a ghetto, won't have to wear an identifying mark on his clothing at all times, and is not prohibited from having sex with anyone with a differing political philosphy. For that matter, he hasn't had to consider whether he should try to send his children across the ocean to an uncertain future -- if he can somehow get an exit visa or a place to take them -- because the outlook is that they may not survive here.

On the other hand, people have said some very unkind things about conservatives, and some people are even very confrontational in public about politics, so the parallels are astonishingly similar. You stay brave, Tim Allen! As our deleted commenters like to say, READ A BOOK!

But we don't want to end with some has-been who doesn't know anything about history! We want to end the day with a triumph of the wit that played out on Twitter this weekend, involving Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall, punchable neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, and former Missouri state Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Jason Kander, he of the awesomest political ad of 2016.

TPM's Marshall, in response to some inane thing Spencer had tweeted, told the Nazi punk to fuck off back to the 1930s, and Spencer, feeling cocky, posted a clip from the film version of Cabaret with a nice Aryan boy singing "Tomorrow Belongs to Me":

Mind you, the little Nazi shit in the movie is not presented as a good guy, but that's just how trangressive Spencer is -- he's reclaiming the Aryan super-lad! One itsy-bitsy problem with using that particular clip, though, and who better to point it out than Jason Kander his own self:

You ask us, that's an even more satisfying smackdown than the literal one Spencer received, because anyone can punch a Nazi, but Kander was the right guy in the right place to make an utter fool of him. And exit singing.

So Jason Kander Won the Internet, and we're all delighted to learn he's the nephew of John Kander, who wrote the music for Cabaret (with lyrics by Fred Ebb). Let's pile a little more wonderful on top while we're at it: Friend of Wonkette Charlie Pierce hopped in with a follow-up question, and Saturday got even nicer:

As they say in Wisconsin, Molotov!

Now get to open threading, you!

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