Tim Geithner Suffers Through Late-Night Meeting With Angry Democrats


Eek, wouldyou want to be locked in a room getting yelled at by Henry Waxman for hours and hours? Because that is how Tim Geithner got to spend his Monday night, hooray! He has the worst job in America, worse even than those people who clean up murder scenes or give Rush Limbaugh enemas.

A meeting that ran "late into the night" featured a bunch of angry Democrats screaming at Tim Geithner about how he wasn't fixing the economy fast enough. He explained that these things take time, world's biggest economy blah blah blah, plus he has nobody to help him.

(Speaking of, faithful tipster Karl Rove Jr. -- we assume that is his real name, of course -- suggests Geithner hire the delightful Simon Johnson, who was on Fresh Air recently making all kinds of sense about bank nationalization. We heartily second this suggestion, except that Geithner would never in a million zillion years hire some dude who wants to nationalize the banks.)

Anyway, so. Tim Geithner will probably quit or just die of a heart attack soon because jesus christ, what an awful job.

Geithner Briefs Dems: "We're Doing In Weeks What Countries Did In Years" [Huffington Post]


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