Tim Pawlenty To OFFICIALLY Announce He's Boring

Tim Pawlenty To OFFICIALLY Announce He's Boring

LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! Tim Pawlenty is going to announce something, on Facebook, but it's only for people who "like" him. (So, nobody.) Will people click on this man's page for special "access" to this announcement, as no news organization will bother reporting it? You know what else was a special members-only club full of secrets? Auschwitz.

Here's something that's not a secret: Tim Pawlenty is still calling himself "T-Paw" to pretend he's a real human being with a real personality who people care enough about to give a nickname. And he skates around New Hampshire with a custom-made University of New Hampshire hockey jersey that says "T-PAW '12" on the back. Subtle.

Perhaps when he officially starts his campaign he will finally hire a cameraman who knows how to focus the damn thing and keep his finger off the zoom button?

We are very excited for this campaign. Pawlenty/Killing Yourself '12! [Facebook]


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