Tim Pawlenty, The GOP Mob's Official Courier Slave

Tim Pawlenty, The GOP Mob's Official Courier Slave

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the 2012 candidate everyone's heard about and immediately forgotten, holds a very special position for the Republican party: he runs around the country giving speeches that no one cares about BUT ONLY TO DISGUISE his true purpose, which iscash. He distributes unmarked bills and checks to people. Powerful people. Real quiet, see?

On Friday, Pawlenty gave a 25 minute speech to Republican activists in Montgomery, AL. Before Pawlenty spoke to the group, Alabama GOP Chair Mike Hubbard announced that Pawlenty showed up at the speech bearing gifts. Hubbard told the audience of about 700 GOP activists that Pawlenty hand-delivered a $100,000 check from an unnamed donor.


Philip Bryan, a spokesman for the Alabama Republican Party said Pawlenty's check came from a donor, but he wouldn't disclose the individual's name. He said the funds were earmarked to help Republicans win the Alabama House and Senate and would comply with disclosure laws. Bryan then referred other questions to Pawlenty's spokesman. Pawlenty's spokesman referred me to the Alabama Republican Party.

Ha ha, sucker reporter, gettin' played. Any parcels for us, GOP mail bitch Tim Pawlenty?

Pawlenty buys some Alabama goodwill, but who paid for it? [Minnesota Public Radio]


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