South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott is Donald Trump's token black representative on his meaningless police “reform" initiative. The senator hates being called a “token," but it's true so I'll keep saying it. Scott claimed Democratic Senator Dick Durbin wounded his “soul" when he suggested the GOP's proposed legislation was a “token, half-hearted approach." I'm sure Scott had a soul at some point, because the Devil doesn't accept Green Stamps, but the senator might want to consider why Trump and the GOP chose him to spearhead their bill.

Scott isn't a former police officer or a prosecutor. However, he's Black and knows about racism firsthand. He's even been stopped by US Capitol police who didn't recognize one of two black male senators. But Republicans, especially Trump, won't openly acknowledge systemic racism exists, especially in law enforcement. Vice President Mike Pence won't even say “Black Lives Matter."

On Sunday's "This Week," Scott was asked about Mary Elizabeth Taylor, a Black senior state department official who resigned last Thursday because she said President Klan Robe's “comments and actions surrounding racial injustice and Black Americans cut sharply against my core values and convictions." Scott's response was pathetic.

First he tap-danced.

SCOTT: Well, I certainly have spoken out about the Charlottesville situation. He and I sat down after that and that's how we got opportunity zones. I spoke out about the comments about the squad in Baltimore. So the president has said things that I have found offensive. I've spoken out against those things publicly. And I also called him and we had constructive conversations.

Yeah, wow, Tim, you've politely asked that the white supremacist in chief cut back on his public racism before continuing to support him politically. When are they going to erect a Confederate statue in your honor? It's really sad Scott believes a “constructive conversation" involves explaining to a grown man that Nazis aren't in fact “very fine people" and that the president shouldn't raise a lynch mob against congresswomen of color.

Then Scott just full-on debased himself with some “both sides" nonsense that would shame the New York Times.

SCOTT: And, frankly, whether it's Dick Durbin, with his use of token versus other comments made by the president, there is plenty of blame of race on both sides that we need to be more sensitive on the issue of race in this nation.

This Black man's lost his damn mind. Durbin apologized for using the word “token," which wasn't even a direct reference to Scott. Trump has never apologized for fluffing Nazis. The president dumped even more racist garbage about Rep. Ilhan Omar at his Empty Chair Convention Saturday. After George Floyd's death, Durbin said America needed to confront “fundamental issues of racial injustice." Trump seemed to believe George Floyd's ghost was happy about improved jobs numbers.

SCOTT: But in order for us to make progress, I think it's kind of insincere or at least not authentic to suggest that one side has a bigger problem than the other, especially if you look at the 1994 Crime Bill that Cory Booker himself said to Joe Biden, this thing locked up a disproportionate share of African-Americans and then he worked with the president, President Trump --

Oh, shut up. The 1994 crime bill is a relevant subject of debate within the Democratic Party, but the GOP has no moral standing to bring it up, especially when the choice for Black and non-racist white voters in November is between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Republicans don't get to claim systemic racism exists only when it involves bills Joe Biden helped pass.

The crime bill also banned assault weapons and included money for crime prevention. Republicans didn't oppose the bill because it would lock up “a disproportionate share African-Americans." They wanted “stiffer sentences" and more money for prisons. Republicans also opposed “racial justice" safeguards against bias in death sentencing, which they considered “racial quotas" for convicted murderers. There were newspapers in 1994. This was all well-documented.

Mary Elizabeth Taylor finally had enough and walked out of Trump's White's-only House . She can always reapply for her job after Biden wins, but Scott will never regain his dignity and self-respect.

[ABC News]

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