Time Fires Major Neocon Douches

KrauthammerPanel092606.jpgCharles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol, wild-eyed advocates of an Iraq invasion from way back in the day who have written in Time for who knows how long, won't be returning after the end of the month. So who's going to defend America from Democrats, liberals and homosexuals now? Some other asshole!

I didn't know this, but apparently the National Review actually has an editor and that person, Ramesh Ponnuru (of the Rhode Island Ponnurus? Anyone know?), is currently in negotiations to write hate speech for Time in place of his ousted comrades. But rest assured, Time doesn't just take anyone. The New York ObserversaysTime fancies itself too classy a publication for Karl Rove, who they turned down when he was shopping around for a job (he's now at Newsweek).

So, are Krauthammer and Kristol bummed? They probably see it as a sign that America is going Communist. Krauthammer shrugged the whole thing off, telling the Observer that he has lots to do. Like running down kittens in that Rascal, mayhaps?

Kristol, Krauthammer are out of Time [New York Observer]


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