Time Is A Flat Circle: Donald Trump, Al Gore, And James Lee Witt Edition

Al Gore and James Lee Witt, probably

Yesterday, Donald Trump went to the Rose Garden, which is where American presidents go to give big fancy speeches sometimes, and that will never not blow our minds. Anyway, Donald Trump went to the Rose Garden


Donald Trump went to the Rose Garden, and in their fun writeup of the presser he held there, about how Donald Trump thinks Donald Trump is being vastly underappreciated, Politico wrote this:

He bragged in the Rose Garden that James Lee Witt, a Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator under President Bill Clinton, gave his performance on hurricanes an “A-plus” — including Puerto Rico. “I’ve always had a lot of respect for him,” Trump said of Witt. Several Trump aides said they’d never heard of Witt before Monday’s remarks.

That is funny that Trump's know-nothing aides have never heard of James Lee Witt, because your Wonkette has certainly heard of James Lee Witt. He was the FEMA head Al Gore bragged about going on a trip with, but it was a DIFFERENT trip -- oh, wait, it was SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT TRIPS, and not the one he misspoke that he'd been on, so the New York Times explained that Al Gore is a pathological liar.

And now Donald Trump is president. Good night, this Wonkebago floor isn't going to lie on itself.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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