Time-Traveling Alien Lady Tries To Laser-Gun Our Barack!

Time-Traveling Alien Lady Tries To Laser-Gun Our Barack!

Be Careful, Barry!

Many readers have sent in this very disturbing New York Times photograph of Our Barack Obama surrounded by reporters, plus a creepy lady over there on the right with a bunch of suspicious TV remotes or whatever in her hands. One website suggested she was holding a half-dozen of those little digital voice recorders that the media reporters use these days because they don't know how to take notes. But that seems a little absurd, don't you think? She is clearly a time-traveling space alien lady in "human" disguise about to blast our new president with Rays of Anti-Hope!

As you can see from the tragic picture taken just seconds later:

Ow, my balls!

Then the scary alien revealed herself to be whatever the hell is standing there to the right, but then the Super Space Delegates arrived and saved the Brother From Another Planet, the end.


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