Times People Saw Entitled People Behaving Badly And Had To Act! Tabs, Wed., March 24, 2021

Times People Saw Entitled People Behaving Badly And Had To Act! Tabs, Wed., March 24, 2021
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My governor, Greg Gianforte, is filth. (Boise State Public Radio)

Could Virginia's marvelously wonderful Jennifer Carroll Foy become the country's first Black woman governor? And wouldn't that be fucking rad? — Of all places, it's Forbes

If you read one media criticism piece on Teen Vogue and the editor who got shitcanned before she started for teenaged racist tweets, let it be Elizabeth Spiers's My New Band Is: Teenage Mistake.

My goodness, the particulars of Tucker Carlson et al.'s smears of DOJ Civil Rights Division nominee Kristen Clarke. My goodness! — Irin Carmon at New York mag

It doesn't really explain why Kyrsten Sinema went from an anti-war Green Party person to this new and unimproved caveman Kyrsten Sinema, but it stops for some receipts along the way. (The Nation)

This is a delightful interview with Bernie Sanders, YES IT IS, IT IS DELIGHTFUL.

Let's say I'm someone on the left who supported you in 2020. I'm looking at the American Rescue Plan and I see the $15 minimum wage got dropped, paid family leave got dropped. The child tax credit, which is my favorite part of the bill, it's only temporary. Convince me that I should be excited about this. Why do you think it's so significant?

I don't have to convince you. We have already convinced 75 percent of the American people that this is a very good piece of legislation.

Ezra Klein interviews Sanders at New York Times

Senate coming to take your guns after they take your filibuster.

[Senator Chris] Murphy noted the popularity of extending background checks, and argued that its failure would call into question the viability of the super-majority requirement to pass legislation in the Senate.

"If a measure that has 90 percent to 95 percent public support can't pass the Senate just because of our rules — not because it doesn't get the majority of support in the Senate — then something's really wrong here," Murphy said. "Democracy dies when things that have the majority of support in Congress, the support of the president and 90 percent public support can't become a law."

NBC News

Deep sigh. All about the Boulder shooter. — Daily Beast

Well good for Gerald Ford's mom. (Salon)

Cops have best excuse for lying about beating citizens when they're caught on camera lying about beating citizens. It's even better than "I forgot." — Techdirt

You'll want (or not want!) to read Cory Doctorow on how trillionaire landlords are passing the cost of replacing that flammable cladding (remember Grenfell Towers?) onto their tenants, to the tune of 30,000-pounds-ish per tenant. It's a lot! (Pluralistic)

I have only been to eight of your 15 best mountain towns in America, Thrillist? That does not seem correct.

24 Free Garden Ideas That Won't Cost a Penny! My god, they expect us to do so much work. — Ideal Home

You know I read every word of the New Yorker on HGTV. (New Yorker)

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