'Times' Perv Pleads Guilty

Washington Times perv Randall Casseday had the misfortune to be caught just days before Mark Foley ushered in our fondly-remembered Cocktober. In case you don't remember (and who'd blame you), Casseday was the director of Human Resources for the unread but beloved right-wing paper, until he was fired for attempting to meet underage girls for illegal sexing. We did solicit reports of his creepy behavior at the Times, but the most we could get was that he enjoyed telling everyone what everyone else was making and alerting people to firings and promotions before they happened. Also, he was kinda creepy.

Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to "soliciting a teenager for sex on the internet." He did it all on his office computer, natch.

The Times hasn't commented, though they havehired a black guy.

Ex Times HR Director Pleads Guilty in Internet Sex Case [Examiner]


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