TimesSelect Ends, America Struggles to Remember Why It Once Cared About MoDo

Remember me? - WonketteAnd just like that, TimesSelect is gone. Everyone can read year-old Bob Herbert columns again! For free and everything! We haven't read a Times op-ed in two years (we did have a TimesSelect subscription, but still, it was kinda annoying). Thankfully the New York Times knows exactly what the nation needs right now, and they've given us, on this, the first day of totally free content in so long, the trifecta of terribly annoying and increasingly irrelevant columnists: David "BoBos Drive Like This" Brooks, Maureen "All the Democrats Are Pussies Except Hillary Who is a Dyke" Dowd, and Thomas "My Dr. Phil Mustache Is Here to Reassure You That Losing That Manufacturing Job Was a Good Thing" Friedman. Ye gods put it back behind the paywall, please. Yes, we did read them all. We'll save you the trouble:

* Dowd: Former Bush administration officials are still jerks, just like O.J..

* Brooks: Even though I liked Rumsfeld, now I know he was a jerk. But Robert Gates is totally awesome!

* Friedman: I have been to China.

Alan (Not Atlas) Shrugged [NYT]

The Education of Robert Gates [NYT]

Doha and Dalian [NYT]


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