Tina, By the Numbers

Someone is totally stealing our schtick:

We're closing in on three months of devouring Tina Brown's well-written column in the Washington Post, so it's time for a breakdown of the 11 articles she's written. . .

· Columns referencing NewYork Attorney General Eliot Spitzer: 5

· Columns referencing Paris Hilton: 3

· Columns with a mention of Brown's 13-year-old daughter: 3

· Columns referencing Monica Lewinsky: 2 1/2 (1/2 for Linda Tripp)

· Columns with a jab at Conde Nast, her former employer: 2

· Columns with a mention of "Maggie" Thatcher: 2

1st quarter Tina Report [Blubbering.com via that bitch, Gawker]


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