Tiny African Kingdom Has More Interesting Sex Scandals Than We Do

Tiny African Kingdom Has More Interesting Sex Scandals Than We Do

Nobody is having a decent sex scandal in America this week, which has really put a crimp in your editors' style, man. But it's nice to see that our helpful friends in the nation of Swaziland are helping out! Swaziland is a wee little country mostly surrounded by South Africa, and it has a plump, youngish king (pictured), Mswati III, who has 13 wives! You might think having 13 wives would be pretty sweet, but when you have that many wives to keep track of, how can you tell when one of them might be sexing some other dude? Maybe even acabinet minister?

The prime minister said [Justice Minister] Ndumiso Mamba had resigned from his position as both cabinet minister and senator.

He said it was because of "allegations circulating in the country".

Correspondents say Mr Mamba's alleged affair with Queen Nothando Dube was first reported in neighbouring South Africa's media.

So, if you're trying to get your head around the non-Foreign version of this, it would be like if Eric Holder were having a hot affair with Michelle Obama, or perhaps with Michelle Obama's second-most-junior sister wife. PRETTY AROUSING, HUH? I bet it makes it seem like Swaziland is a pretty awesome place to be! And it is, pretty much, except for the 25 percent HIV infection rate. [BBC]


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