Roger Stone Demands Robert Mueller Stop Using Chronological Time

Roger Stone has filed another "legal pleading" alleging that the Deep State FBI is plotting to murder him with arrest warrants. And we use those scare quotes deliberately, because this Motion to Show Cause is derived from law as methane is derived from cows. It's inflammatory, mostly non-toxic, and reeks of bullshit.

Having synched his legal filings up with the Right Wing Scream Machine, Stone is now alleging that Robert Mueller tipped CNN off to the impending arrest and raid on his house. Besides the fact that Roger Stone himself has been predicting that the DEEP STATE was a-comin' to git him for months -- so send money now! -- there were some hints that Friday, January 25 was the big day. CNN reports:

The first clue that the indictment was imminent came last week from CNN's Sara Murray, who was reporting on the upcoming grand jury appearance of Jerome Corsi's stepson. As the stepson's legal team negotiated a date for testimony, they were told to pick any day but Friday -- an indication Mueller's team expected to be busy Friday, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

Mueller's grand jury usually meets on Fridays, so veteran CNN reporters Katelyn Polantz and Laura Robinson pricked up their ears. Then on Thursday, January 24, prosecutors Andrew Goldstein and Aaron Zelinsky spent an hour with the grand jury after Corsi's stepson left. As superfans will remember, the stepson was there to testify about deleting emails to and from Stone off Corsi's hard drive to obscure the fact that those two numbnuts spent all of 2016 discussing the Wikileaks dumps of stolen Democratic emails. If anyone was getting arrested off the kid's testimony, it was either Corsi or Stone. So CNN took a flyer and parked a crew outside Stone's house in Florida the following morning, and they got lucky.

But that hardly fits in with the GOP narrative of a deranged FBI out to get Trump and all the rest of the sainted angels in his holy retinue.

So Roger Stone has filed this nonsense motion demanding that the court force Mueller to admit that he leaked the sealed indictment, "enabling news media to attend and witness Stone's 6 a.m. arrest." As proof, Stone cites the fact that a mere 20 minutes after his arrest, a CNN reporter texted Stone's lawyer a copy of the indictment. And it's not even signed! There aren't even any stamps from the court indicating it was officially filed!

The FBI arrested Roger Stone at 6:06 a.m. on January 25, 2019. At that time the indictment remained subject to the Court's Order sealing it from public disclosure. At 4:58 a.m. a news crew and truck arrived at Mr. Stone's residence and set up a camera on the street in front of Mr. Stone's house, obviously awaiting his arrest. The FBI arrived while the camera crew was on the street. At 6:11 a.m., prior to Mr. or Mrs. Stone calling counsel, a reporter for the same news outlet as the camera crew called counsel and informed him that Mr. Stone had been arrested. At 6:22 a.m., the same reporter sent counsel a text message attaching a draft copy of the still sealed indictment. (See Exhibit 1). The copy of the unsigned indictment provided by the reporter appears to have come from the Special Counsel's Office. (See Exhibit 2). The reporter offered that the copy had been received from the Special Counsel's Office.


Well, where besides the Special Counsel's own website, that is.

The Special Counsel filed the indictment under seal, with the express provision that the seal would expire upon Stone's arrest. Then immediately after his arrest, the SCO put out a press release with a link to its own website posting of the same unsigned copy of the indictment, so ... IMPEACH!!!!!!1!!!!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. (No, no, there really isn't.)

The metadata on the "draft" indictment provided by a reporter while Stone was being arrested, established that it came from an "AAW" author or computer. That a member of the Special Counsel's office has the initials "AAW," supports a reasonable inference that that office is responsible for the unlawful public disclosure of a grand jury document sealed by order of the Court.

That would be Roger Stone feeding more red meat to his base, since prosecutor Andrew Weissmann has been in their sights for a year now. The office sent an official press release out with a link to the document after Stone was arrested. But he's still leading that trail of bread crumbs right up to Weissmann's door, calling him a leaker when he knows damn well that the link was sent on blast to all the reporters who regularly cover the Russia investigation.

It's all bullshit and it won't work with the court. Stone's lawyers are taking a hell of risk filing such a POS with Judge Amy Berman Jackson. But it might help Ol' Rog sell some more of those autographed rocks to the rubes, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

[Stone Motion to Show Cause / CNN]

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