TLC Pulls Gross Duggars Off The Air Because Honey Boo Boo's Mom Wanted Equal Molesting Time

It would seem that TLC, which revels in taking weird,fucked uppeople and making them teevee stars, isn't too keen on sex criming kids. They cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after it was revealed that the show's matriarch, Mama June, was shacking up with a dude that child-molested one of her kids. And now TLC has pulled all scheduled airings of 19 Kids And Counting, after revelations that Josh Duggar molested his sisters. We don't know if TLC is looking for a new slogan, but Wonkette is willing to sell them "Standards: They're Low, But We Have Them!" for $100,000.

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TMZ reports that, after a backlash that came Thursday night as America collectively threw up over Josh Duggar's past sex crimes, all while TLC was running a 19 Kids marathon (!!!), they have pulled the show for now, though the network says that "they absolutely have not made a long-term decision" for the future. TMZ also reports that General Mills has pulled all its ads from the show, because we guess they don't want Cheerios associated with kid-touching in people's minds.

Was it because Mama June Boo Boo was so mad that the Duggars got to have a teevee show even with the molesting, but she did not get to have a teevee show with the molesting? MAYBE. It would be irresponsible not to speculate!

But what is weird is that, as Defamer points out, it sure seems like TLC had to have known about Josh Duggar's kid-molesting meat fingers for quite a while. In 2006, as police reports were being taken, the Duggars were in Chicago, taping a special for Oprah Winfrey, which Winfrey cancelled, presumably because of the letter someone had written her about Josh Duggar's sex crimes. So, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar knew. Oprah knew. The police in Springdale, Arkansas, knew. And, as Defamer reports, "apparently, a huge community of message board posters online" knew.

So really, what Defamer would like to know, and so would Wonkette, is when did TLC find out? Was it before they decided to give the Duggars the show? Did they find out somewhere in the middle, as they were raking in all the advertising moneys and whore diamonds off this show starring one clown-car vagina and all the fruits what sprung from it? Did they find out from the police report, on Thursday, with the rest of us? WHEN DID THEY KNOW?

Speaking of those "community message boards," many are aware that they've been around for years, and as with all forums of the internet variety, you've got to take them with a grain of salt, because people are dumb and full of themselves on the internet. But way back in 2005, somebody posted this (which is but one example) on a board called "FactNet," and it was later reposted on FreeJinger, probably the largest message board dedicated to The Duggars Are Gross And Bad. It's from somebody called "concernedmom" who was affiliated with the ATI homeschooling cult they're affiliated with:

And which family was highlighted on the Discovery Channel around then? Well besides yours AND mine, it was the Duggars, who, if we are to believe this commenter, got their little son betrothed to a young girl, and then got them betrothed again after he had properly said he was sorry to Jesus for his sex criming.

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Now, again, internet message boards are The Worst, but this sort of information seems to jibe with what we know now! And this was out there in 2005, before the Duggar family and TLC started raking in all the millions together. So, again, did they know? Because we'd hate to think they did, and just decided to hope against hope that nobody ever found out.

And if so, when did they know about Mama June's child-rapey boyfriend? AND WHAT ARE THEY HIDING ABOUT THE PALINS?

[TMZ / Defamer]

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