To Do: Blackface, Soul and The Police


* Must-see 1983 Coppola film Rumble Fish at AFI. " Matt Dillon is a wanna-be hoodlum who idolizes his brother, former gang leader Mickey Rourke. Dennis Hopper is their wayward father who can't shake the bottle. Daringly shot in b&w, with splashes of color. Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Christopher Penn and Nicholas Cage shine in supporting roles, while The Police's Stewart Copeland contributed the film's memorable score." [AFI]

* Sorted dance party at the Black Cat with Britpop, Soul, Indie Pop. Free at 9PM. [Black Cat]

* At the 9:30 tonight: Infamy, a dance-punk/electro-pop thing of some sort. It's got a "provocative stage performance"! [InfamyDC]


* Laurence Olivier's blackface Othello at the National Gallery. Maggie Smith as Desdemona. Free at 12:30 and 3:30PM. [National Gallery]

* Nitro Tokyo and Death By Sexy at the Black Cat before a midnight screening of "the greatest film ever made about Judas Priest fans tailgating outside the Capital Centre," Heavy Metal Parking Lot. $9 at 9PM. [Black Cat]

* Staged reading of Twelfth Night at the Kennedy Center. Free at 6PM. [Kennedy Center]


* Hirshhorn specialist Al Miner discusses "The Uncertainty of Objects and Ideas: Recent Sculpture" exhibit on its last day. Free at 3PM. [Hirshhorn]

* Jeff Sypeck discusses Becoming Charlemagne at Politics& Prose. "Sypeck focuses on four crucial years of Charlemagne's reign as model international king. Professor Sypeck's love of medieval literature shines through: letters and poems are intertwined with the narrative." Free at 5PM. [P&P]


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