To Do: Bouffants, Buffalonians, or the Homosexual Agenda


  • Warren Beatty and Julie Christie as "a braggart gambler and an opium-addicted whore" in Robert Altman's 1971 McCabe & Mrs. Miller. Through Sunday. [AFI]

  • Dave Attell at DC Improv. All shows sold out but tickets moving on Craigslist. [craigslist]


  • Bloated Buffalonian Tim Russert at Politics and Prose. 11AM. [P&P]

  • Cute woodcuts by Kirk Waldroff at The Washington Printmakers Gallery in Dupont Circle. Plus, they offer printmaking demos once a month. [The Washington Printmakers Gallery]

  • HonFest '06 in Baltimore. Get a Hairspray makeover and drink in the street. [HonFest]


  • Sri Lanka's Guerilla Marketing. A politician hires "ruthless" PR exec to design his campaign ads . Modern dance, traditional and contemporary music come into play somehow. Free. 2 pm. [The Freer]

  • 31st annual Capital Pride Street Festival. Dance Party at 7PM. Note: You will not see a single member of Senator Inhofe's (extremely) extended family there. Not one. [Capital Pride]

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