To Do: DAM!

  • First day of the District's Awake Music Festival (DAM!Fest). Cold War Kids, Soft Complex, The Oranges Band, Bellflur at DC9 for $10. [DC9]

  • DAM!Fest presents DJ Spooky at the Rock and Roll Hotel for $15. And after the show is the after party at DC9. [The Rock and Roll Hotel]

  • Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars at 6PM and The Rapture at 10PM at the 9:30 Club. $25 and $15 . [9:30 Club]

  • Gallery talk at the Phillips Collection about Dada and de Stijl. How these artists "shifted from using only pure abstraction and primary colors to incorporating absurdity and chance into their works." Free at 6 & 7PM. [The Phillips Collection]

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