To Do: Fall Music Edition


  • Last weekend of Help Wanted: A Personal Search for Meaningful Employment at the Start of the 21st Century. Written and performed by Josh Lefkowitz. Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. $15 at 8PM. [Woolly Mammoth]

  • Colombian film The Art of Losing at AFI. Tonight and tomorrow night meet Director Sergio Cabrera and actress(sultry bar hostess ) Martina García. 9:10PM. The film is a detective story about a journalist, a nudist colony and the "Bogota underworld." [AFI]

  • Last day for "Freud's World in Photos" at the Embassy of Austria. Photos of Freud's home, office and family comprise "the fullest documentation of the working and personal environment of the man who revolutionized modern thinking." [Embassy of Austria]


  • Handsome grandson Hank Williams III at the Black Cat. $15 at 9:30PM. [Black Cat]

  • Hip hop trio One Self (An American, a Russian and Swedish-born Chilean/Brazilian) at the Rock and Roll Hotel. $12 at 9PM. [Rock and Roll Hotel]

  • Drag City's Smog put on a show to make you drink. With Vandaver at Iota. $13 at 9:30PM. [Iota]

  • Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal discusses "the entire Bush agenda, the failed war, the reckless economic policy, and the ruinous battle against intelligence professionals in the CIA and the State Department," in the cleverly titled How Bush Rules. P&P at 6PM. [P&P]


  • Last night of Sonic Circuits DC at the Warehouse, with Wolf Eyes, John Wiese, Ovo, Mr. Natural, Harrius, Facemat, HZMT, Mat Weston & Tone Ghosting. 8:30PM. [Warehouse]

  • From Buenos Aires, Juana Molina is a beautiful singer and celebrated comedian. She also belongs in a Michel Gondry movie. At Iota. $15 at 8:30PM. [Iota]


  • Built to Spill have become Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused. $20 at the 9:30 Club. [9:30 Club]

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