To Do: Get Rather Ripped (but Not at Fort Reno)

  • Fort Reno kicks off the season with Gist, Jinxed At Twelve, Diacritical. 7:15-9:30. Sorry, no booze allowed. [Fort Reno]

  • Premiere of Burn To Shine 03: Portland. Features Quasi, The Decemberists, The Thermals, Mirah, Lifesavas, Tom Heinl, The Gossip, The Shins, The Ready (from the Rock 'n Roll Camp for Girls), Sleater-Kinney, The Planet The, and Wet Confetti. 7:30 at the Warehouse Theater. $5. [Warehouse Theater]

  • Show some respect for your elders and see Sonic Youth play from their latest, Rather Ripped. Late Show at the 9:30 club. $25. [9:30 Club]

  • Screening of 1954's Them as part of the Hirshhorn's "Pest Fest" series of camp features. In Them, "People start disappearing into a New Mexican desert near a site where there has been nuclear testing. Local police, the FBI, and specialists from the Department of Agriculture join forces to get to the bottom of the mystery." 8:00PM at the Hirshhorn. [Hirshhorn]

  • AFI SilverDocs screens The Last Waltz outdoors at 9PM. [AFI]

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