To Do: Guilty and Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

It's the weekend. And even if the weather won't be quite as nice as it was last weekend, there's still much fun to be had.

* It's closing soon, so check it out (and have coffee or drinks afterwards, so you can argue about it): "Fat Pig," by the always provocative Neil LaBute. [The Studio Theatre]

* Feeling nostalgic for 80's music and Britpop? Dance up a storm at Mousetrap and Right Round, on Saturday night. [Black Cat via DCist]

* True, we're settling into that long, post-Oscars period of cinematic crap. But there's still some interesting stuff out there, like "Thank You for Smoking." (Yes, Fox Searchlight helps us keep the lights on around here; but the movie has garnered some nice reviews.) [Rotten Tomatoes]


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