To Do: Just What This Town Needs, More Famous Quips


  • Alexander Payne's Election at the LOC's Mary Pickford Theater. Free at 7PM. [LOC]

  • Peter Galbraith reads from The End of Iraq. Free at 7PM. Politics and Prose. [P&P]

  • Depeche Mode Dance Party. $9 at 9:30PM. [Black Cat]


  • Josh Frank reads from his book, Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies. Free at 1PM. [P&P]

  • The Rentals. $25 at 10PM. [9:30 Club]

  • The Maybellines, Lil' Hospital, The Specific Heats, The Besties and The Upset at WMUC in College Park. 3130 South Campus Dining Hall. $5 donation at 6PM. [WUMC]


  • Last day of "A Glorious Burden: The American Presidency," "Artifacts, snapshots, personal effects and famous quips related to the men who have held the nation's highest office." [Smithsonian]

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