To Do: Lady Killigrew

* Helen Thomas (Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public) and Maggie Kilgore (Remember to Laugh: Writing My Way Around the World) appear to be on a traveling book tour together. They'll talk about their books at Busboys and Poets. Free from 6:30- 8PM. [Busboys and Poets]

* "Brain scientist Nancy Andreasen examines the sources of extraordinary creativity. She proposes that, because of enriched connections between certain areas of the brain, geniuses are able to tap into the unconscious mind in ways most of us can't." Clinton gave her a brain science medal in 2000. $25 at 6:30PM. [Smithsonian]

* LUCERO, Drag the River Trio and Rocky Votolato at the Ottobar in Baltimore. $12 at 10PM. [MissionTix]


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