To Do: Outsider Art

* Thomas Schaller discusses Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without the South at Olsson's in Alexandria. "Two generations ago Kevin Phillips challenged Republicans to envision a southern-based national majority. In Whistling Past Dixie, political science professor Tom Schaller issues an equally transformative challenge to Democrats: Build a winning coalition 'outside' the South." Free at 7:30PM. [Olsson's]

* Kubrick's Spartacus at AFI. Released in 1960, Kirk Douglas "leads his fellow slaves in an uprising against the corrupt Roman empire." $9.50 at 7:30PM. [AFI]

* Catholic University professor Charles Jones lectures on "the rich history and mythology in Asian Buddhist thought, doctrine, and legend" at the Smithsonian. $35 for two hours at 6:30PM. Do it for David Lynch. [Smithsonian]


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