To Do: Regent University Student Film Festival

Here's a great idea for the weekend: Drive down to Norfolk and watch a bunch of crappy student films made by the kids who go to Pat Robertson's White House Training School! Here are some actual entries, and, we think, little reviews?

* "THE RE-EMERGENCE OF CHRISTIAN ART" -- An opportunity missed as an important subject gets bland lip service.

* "BROKEN" -- The end of a relationship for a couple played by Anita Reimer and David Stafford. The fatal question is "Do you want to talk?" Directed by Joshua Mims, perhaps its length (7 minutes) stifles any depth, but the cliches don't help.

* "THE NOBLE LIE" -- A date film that asks you gals: Will you be ready if Mr. Perfect comes along? Probably not.

* "CHRISTIAN IN AMERICA" -- A sound bite ( a "viral "?) that suggests, meaningfully, that perhaps we are being stifled by an obsession with intolerance in America.

This is going to be great. You can go ahead inside without us, we're just running a little late.

Annual rite of spring: The Regent University Student Film Festival [Virginia Pilot]

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