To Do: This Weekend Is Going To Rule


  • 24 Mural Marathon on the outside wall near The Warehouse. The two artists begin painting at around 3PM today and don't stop until 3PM tomorrow. Part of Capital Fringe. Opening reception from 7-9PM tonight. [The Warehouse]

  • Much-discussed Congolese group Konono No. 1. Distorted Bazombo trance music made with electrified likembés (thumb pianos), homemade mics, traditional drums, and makeshift percussion, "traditionally used to keep those living in touch with their ancestors." Blackcat at 9:30PM. $15. [Black Cat]


  • Married indies The Handsome Family with Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets. Iota at 9:30PM. $15. [Iota]

  • Get your fix of Dov Charney-style exploitation at Asylum's DC Rollergirls Recruiting Party. "Get down and derby with Washington's only all-female roller derby league. This event will also feature an arm-wrestling competition." Asylum at 8PM. [WP]

  • 5th Annual "Run For Cover." This Black Cat charity event always sells out. Local musicians form excellent cover/tribute/parody bands of nostalgic acts. The lineup is kept secret, but last year's included Hall and Oates, Duran Duran, The Pixies. More fun than it sounds. Black Cat at 9:30PM. $10 [Black Cat]

  • Premiere of the new restoration of 1914's Cabiria. "With extraordinary sets and pyrotechnics (including the burning of the Roman fleet) and dramatic location shoots with elephants in the Alps, Cabiria inspired American director D. W. Griffith's own colossal Intolerance. Preserved by the Museo del Cinema, Turin. Pianist Philip Carli performs his original musical score. " National Gallery at 2:30PM. [National Gallery]


  • Bikes for the World collects repairable bicycles , fixes them and ships them to charities overseas "to those in need of affordable transport. " They also take bike parts, sewing machines and cellphones. $10/bike donation suggested to defray shipping. Herndon Friends Meeting, 660 Spring Street, Herndon VA 20170 from 12-3PM. [Bikes For The World]

  • Artists Hit the Books exhibit at Touchstone Gallery. "Old books reworked, new books collaged, painted or drawn, flat books and fat books, odd shaped and even. Some have words, some don't, but all invite the viewer to reconsider what constitutes a book. " 406 7th Street NW. 12-5PM. [Touchstone Gallery]

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