Today in Crazy Talk and Unsourced Rumor-Mongering

On Tuesday, we revealed the terrifying truth about Campbell Brown's imaginary mobster brother. Today, another emailer who can't wrap his mind around the idea of an attractive media figure marrying an attractive political insider for non-conspiratorial reasons. This crazy email, alas, is run-of-the-mill IJC Zionist Plot theorizing, and not full-on lunatic rambling:

Here is the real scoop. Cambell knows that AIPAC runs the world. Dan's sister, Wendy Senor Singer, runs AIPAC in Jerusalem (look it up).

So, what's in it for Campbell. Well, as everyone knows, whatever AIPAC wants, it gets (see indictment in pending espionage trial).

Campbell wants Katie Couric's job. She has not gotten it. But, with AIPAC lobbying behind the scenes for Campbell, Meredith Viera's tenure at Today will be brutally short. Campbell is on deck.

What does Senor get? A wife far hotter than he had any right to hope for.

You get all that? AIPAC, when not facing investigation for espionage, controls NBC and cares about one of its own running the Today Show almost as much as about U.S. Iran policy. Wait, scratch that, even more. Man, we gotta marry a Jew.

All this is just an excuse to tell you that we hear that Campbell is, indeed, converting to Judaism, as Cindy Adams speculates today. Very quietly. And, you know, maybe it's not that big a deal. It could be worse. Significantly worse.

Cindy Adams [NYP]

Taffy Akner and Claude Brodesser [NYT]

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