Today In 'Great Action Scenes From Obama's Book'

Today In 'Great Action Scenes From Obama's Book'

In today's installment, weremember The Slaughter of The Cock: "I watched the man set the bird down, pinning it gently under one knee, and pulling its neck out across a narrow gutter. For a moment the bird struggled, beating its wings hard against the ground, a few feathers dancing up with the wind. Then it grew completely still. The man pulled the blade across the bird's neck in a single smooth motion. Blood shot out in a long, crimson ribbon. Lolo rubbed his hand across my head and told me and my mother to go wash up before dinner." As some Harvard guy writing in a small newspaper wrote today, "As we approach the critical months of the national campaign, Obama may need to recall the oedipal lessons learned from his stepfather or consult his notes on the Balinese cockfight." Truer words. Wait, what? [The Free Lance-Star]


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