Today in Katherine Harris: Everyone Quit, Again. Probably.

katypraying.jpgIt would almost be beyond the pale to mock Katherine Harris now, when she's about to go in for surgery to remove a (probably benign) ovarian mass. So let's get to it.

Item the first: Katherine, speaking before yet another group of old republicans, said yet more crazy things. We like:

"We don't talk enough about the Canadian border," Harris said in Port St. Lucie. "They've got signs written in Arabic up there. The bleeding in America is our borders."

It's almost subtly crazy -- it sneaks up on you. It's nice that Katy's switching it up a bit. She's found a whole new country to make things up about! The accompanying photo makes this brief article a keeper.

Next up: Well, we can't actually blame Harris for this one. A group of six marijuana enthusiasts protested outside Harris' offices. They'd intended to protest Harris vote against medicinal marijuana, but then they all got really baked and decided getting signs with her name on it would be too much work. Seriously.

Meanwhile: A blog we've never heard of is reporting that Harris' campaign manager and five "senior staff officials" are going to quit on Friday. Interesting totally predictable if true.

UPDATE:WE WERE RIGHT. Irresponsible speculation wins AGAIN.


Controversial candidate Harris brings campaign to Stuart, Port St. Lucie [TCPalm]

Pro-pot group mellows on Harris [HeraldTribune]


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