Today In Katherine Harris: It's Only Dinner!

harrisdoctors.jpg" you say there's a limo on the way, Representative Harris?"

Representative Katherine Harris has an expensive, romantic dinner with beloved contractor/hooker-provider Mitchell Wade. Her staffers had just rejected a $10 million appropriations request from Mr. Wade, because it was submitted late and made no sense. After dinner, though, Katherine demands that they submit it to a defense appropriations subcommittee. Because it would not do to submit such a request until it was as nakedly quid pro quo as possible. That's the way Katy rolls.

It must've been a pretty romantic dinner.

One staffer said it was "unusual, but not unheard of" for Harris to take such a keen interest in a specific appropriations request.

The other said it was "highly irregular" for a request to be submitted weeks late.

"Katherine was pretty adamant about it," the former staffer said.

You know, Katherine probably has more "former staffers" at this point than most ex-presidents.

This is the part where we remind you again that Mitch Wade gave his favorite members of congress anything they wanted. And we mean anything.

Contractor's Deal Was Harris Priority, Former Staffers Say [Orlando Sentinel]

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