Today in Scooter Libby's Trial

The big news from yesterday is that Ari Fleischer revealed that Libby told him all about Valerie Plame days before Libby claims to have heard it first from Tim Russert. But anyone who thinks there isn't ample evidence that Libby was lying hasn't been paying attention for the last three years.

After Ari, though, we got David Addington. Addington is Cheney's Chief of Staff. He secretly runs America, or at least he did back when Team Cheney was still allied with Team Bush. Addington, an evil mastermind/lawyer, is the dude who actually wrote Gonzales' torture memo, and he's partially responsible for the Niger yellowcake bullshit that started this whole mess. Dude helped cover up Iran-Contra, and he first worked for Cheney when Dick was in congress.

Addington revealed this Bart Simpsonian defense:

"I just want to tell you, I didn't do it," Addington recalled Libby saying. "I didn't ask what the 'it' was."

Addington has screwed Libby more than Fleischer did, because he's got documentation that Libby knew his leaks might be illegal. Unfortunately, he has a beard, so the jury won't believe a word he says.

Later today: Judy Miller!

Libby Reportedly Said "I Didn't Do It" [WP]


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